We should be back up to speed this week!

To our loyal readers –

Thank you.

Your patience is very much appreciated. While my health will undoubtedly continue to fluctuate, I’ve just been reunited with my laptop, which allows me to post from my “cocoon”, the recliner I have adapted with five pillows and some rebalancing that allows me the closest thing to comfort my myopathic condition allows me. What minimal time I’ve been able to sit at a conventional desk and work at the PC has generally been devoted to my more “professional” obligations, writing on the topics of Australian footy, American college football and (on rare occasions but significantly at this time of year) Canadian football (the Grey Cup playoffs are starting next weekend!). Hence, most of what you’ve seen posted over the last four weeks has been a doubling of that material.

But now that I’m able to work from a position of comfort again, I can serve you better as a servant of the Most High God once again. 

The Lord has been very good to me – always, but noticeably over the four week partial hiatus I’ve taken. He struck a fine balance between understanding the situation (one which to whatever extent He put me in to begin with, although the damaging of my laptop was purely a careless act on my part, I suspect) and reminding me that I do indeed have a job to do for Him, and that is to continue to spread His Word through this website to the best of the ability He has given me. So I’m up early on this Saturday morning, having gotten my machine of choice returned to me late in the day yesterday, eager to strike out for His Glorification. 

In the time frame while I was gone (and to the capacity I was able with the up-and-down nature of my health), the Lord also helped me practice other means of assistance – last week, there was a man who wasn’t begging but was seeming to be in need along the side of a parking lot in my hometown, in a van that seemed not to be functioning. God led me to inquire of his needs; it turned out to be a gas shortage en route to the Washington coast, where family and a possible job awaited. So without hesitation I met him across the street at the gas station, swiped my card and filled his tank, blessing the Lord for the opportunity to serve Him by serving His child. 

Thursday, while working on the end-of-year pieces you’ve been seeing from the Australian footy season, I was urged to go get my almost-daily soda from the local convenience store. (Cola with a splash of cherry, or more accurately, cherry with a splash of cola.) Wasn’t sure why, but “yes Sir!”. Turned out that a former student of mine from the alternative school I ran until last year was there with his mom; she was telling me of his struggles integrating back into the main campus, and I felt the urging to provide my home email and phone number to lend whatever assistance I possibly could for this young man. He’s been in and out of trouble with the law in the time I’ve known him, but has apparently kept his nose fairly clean this year (it helps that a particular buddy of his no longer runs in his circle), which gives me some hope for his future.

The other area of my life He’s been working on me with is one I’ve struggled on tremendously in recent weeks: my prayer life. I do well in that I find I’m in near-constant “chatter mode” with the Lord – a conversational level where I am incessantly appreciative of any and every little blessing He provides, from the weather outside that’s frightful to the fire that’s so delightful. BUT it’s in the area of those formal, praise-heavy, request-laden, no-distractions prayers that I have been falling short.

So (through an intermediary like myself – in this case, a radio sermon), He suggested I write down a concrete list of several major requests – “impossibilities” that only He could accomplish, so that I would make a point of praying through each of them every day at least once and with hope more than once per day. (My current list of “biggies” is six items long.) It’s already helped me focus those occasions, and avoid my usual bail-out prayer of “Thy Will Be Done, Father – whatever You want to do is OK by me!” Wuss! When you ask your kids what they want as a present, don’t you want to hear them actually NAME something in particular? So does He! So I have my specific list – mostly people’s salvation.

Those are the two areas I’ve been led by the Spirit to work on over the next couple of months. At least until the start of the new year in sixty days – perhaps He’ll have something new for me in January, or perhaps I’ll need to keep plugging away at these. 

In the meantime, welcome back to those of you who might have tuned off while I wasn’t writing very much Scripture-based material. Thanks again for bearing with me. I hope you’ll find the wait was worth it. 

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have some praying I need to do…

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