The World Is En… well, stay tuned.

A year ago, I ventured the argument that rather than being the Anti-Christ, as many of his haters suggested, Mr. Trump was placed by God to make the US the foil for the rest of the world. The Anti-Christ, I argued, was going to come from Europe anyway, and it would be someone who united the world, not irritated it. In fact, Mr. Trump seemed to be the exact opposite of who the Anti-Christ had to be: clever, suave, and so forth. But because it seemed fairly clear that his election was orchestrated by the Lord (really, could you imagine any nation in its right mind electing that man President? It took a ´perfect storm’ of circumstances to give him a crowded Republican field where his name recognition would win the nomination, a Democratic opponent with significant strikes against her, and a crippled, useless field of third party candidates to get him elected – and even then, it took Russian interference and the Electoral College to finish the job!), his presence in the Oval Office must have some function in God´s plan. 

And it became clear when he began ¨pissing off¨ the rest of the world, nation by nation, that he was going to be the target of their ire, the unifying force for the Anti-Christ to rally nations against, allowing him to strengthen his world-government by working against the Trump-led USA. (The good news, Democrats, is that once that all happens, God could let him be impeached, I suspect. But for Christians, that will be too late to do any good.) 

I felt justified in this realization when he unilaterally moved the US Embassy to Jerusalem, despite the wishes of not only every nation in the world except Israel but also most of his own government. What better way to trigger the world movement against America AND kickstart the Middle Eastern antagonism? Sure enough, all of the Arab nations surrounding Israel went on anti-Semetic alert.

Now, by pulling out of the Iranian nuclear agreement (again, against all practical advice), the kickstart has been shoved into overdrive:

Meanwhile, the missiles being sent back and forth betwixt Israel and Syria are ramping up the tensions between Arabs and Jews exponentially as well:

Now, this is of utmost importance to Christian Believers, of course, because we have been watching the signs that our Lord Jesus Christ told us to watch for, almost 2000 years ago, and almost every one of those signs has come to pass. (It is hard for me to believe that anyone who has actually studied those signs and compared them with the events of the past forty years could not now believe in the inerrant nature of the Bible, and the truth behind the prophesies of the End Times and Revelation and Daniel and so forth. But those people would never actually READ the Bible, and besides, the devil blinds those without the Holy Spirit inside of them.) The only remaining sign left to watch for is Daniel 11:31, the “abomination that causes desolation”, which immediately triggers the Rapture and merely has to be something like an Arab flag on the Western Wall, for example.  From there on, the seven year clock is ticking towards the inevitable Second Coming of Jesus Christ and the judgment of mankind, as frightening as that should be for anyone who is not saved.

The day we here at Act II Ministries are most fervently watching will be May 14th. THAT is the day on which the United States Embassy is to be relocated from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, a move which will infuriate every Arab who claims Jerusalem as their holy city. That happens on MONDAY. Coincidentally *ahem*, that “happens” to fall on Israel’s 70th anniversary, which “happens” to be in the middle of Palestinian marches, alongside the growing missile exchanges between Israel and Syria.

Now, the Lord told us in Matthew 24:36 that “concerning that day and hour no one knows, not even the angels of heaven, nor the Son, but the Father only.¨ So, paradoxically, it seems as if it could not be May 14th, because that would be too obvious. But if not then, it does seem as if it should be somewhere close to that date – maybe a few days on either side? Well, ¨coincidentally¨, the stretch from May 10-20 happens to be the 40-50 days after Easter. As a reminder to Bible newbies, forty days after Easter was the day of Christ´s Ascension, and fifty days was Pentacost, the day of the Holy Spirit christening the new church with power. What better time to take the Believers home?

The Ascension date has come and gone at this writing, but anywhere in this ten-day span seems fair game to me.

So, if we Christians are gone by, say, this time next week? Don’t be surprised. If you want to avoid even the slightest possibility that I’m right? Pray. Open your Bible. Let Christ be your Lord – at least for now! What could it hurt?

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