So much going on, so much to watch…

As we watch the goings-on in the Middle East, I sit here in amazement at the prophecy of God.

He cheats, of course, because He’s already seen it all. The proof of that is in the Bible – through His prophets, He had most of the important details written down for us to be assured that, in the end, the “good guys” do win, and Satan and his followers are imprisoned and eventually thrown into “the lake of fire that never dies”. God exists outside of what we think of as time and space, the four-dimensional “reality” that we’re discovering more and more is just an illusion. 

i read an article the other day that I’ll try to link here (as of this writing, the website is inaccessible) about the growing number of discoveries in the field of quantum mechanics that raise questions of existential philosophy – how can action on an electron here instantaneously change some property on its partner, say, 1200 miles away? Is there a loophole in the speed-of-light limitation on information? Or a loophole in what we consider “space” or “time”? None of the answers are reassuring if we’re tied to our present understanding of God’s creation. 

Back on topic – God’s seen it all, and He’s had it written down in the Bible for a couple of millennia now. We know what’s coming – the rapture of His believers, immediately following whatever  “the abomination that makes desolate” is. From the study of several connected prophetic sections of Scripture, we know that Daniel was talking about what’s left of the Temple, the so-called “Western Wall”, or the “Wailing Wall”, if you prefer. 

Would God time the desecration to match the 70th anniversary of Israel? The answer, it turns out, is “no” – May 14th has come and gone, without a Rapture. Would He tie it to the Palestinian “day of chaos”, May 15th, when they were scheduled to march on Jerusalem and the opportunity would be there to desecrate the Wall somehow? Again, the answer turned out to be “no”. 

Does that mean we were wrong? Not at all. As was pointed out to me by a reader and dear friend, “no man may know the day and hour except God”, and May 14th is far too obvious a choice of dates. (I still thought it was likely, I have to admit.) If we get into July without any signs or rapture, then I’ll be surprised. Until then, the signs are too strong to ignore. 

Until then – we watch the news coming out of Israel. Mr. Trump is doing everything he can to pour gasoline on the fiery mess there in the desert – allowing Iran’s hard liners to pull out victory in their elections when he cancelled the sanctions deal out of synch with our nation’s partners around the world (Europe, Russia, and China are all aghast, apparently, as they all tried to talk him out of it). Similarly, the opening of the embassy in Jerusalem is a move calculated by God to increase the agitation in the region, and it worked – 58 more dead in Gaza on the day it opened, Monday the 14th. 

And yet? Still nothing. 

That means we have more work to do, my friends. More people we know who need to come to Jesus before the clock strikes midnight. (And it’s 11:59 pm.)

The boat’s not full yet, Christians – we’re being asked none too politely to do our job and get more people to the Holy Spirit’s message of love and obedience to the laws and grace of God.

Just do it, my friends. Today, because tomorrow may not exist.

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