Quick CFB stuff for week 6!

Fantasy players, as I mentioned on the front page, my writing time is vastly reduced right now because of health, so here’s a very quick prep for the third week of the fantasy seasons: 

SBAC, the matchups for week 3 look like this in general – team 4 at team 1 – team 7 at team 2 – team 6 at team 3 – team 9 at team 5 – and team 10 at team 8. Remember, they’re all numbered alphabetically, so if you don’t already have them numbered, go to an earlier list of games and number them if necessary. 

RELEGATION LEAGUES, it’s about the same: 4 @ 1, 7 @ 2, 6 @ 3, 9 @ 5, and 8 has the bye if there’s no 10 (and there isn’t in conferences 1-4. Same comment about alphabetization as in SBAC – if you don’t have that list, write it out, please, for future reference. 

As for predictions, we’ll keep ’em short and sweet. Favored teams are in bold and underlineHere are our 11 favorites…

Boston College at North Carolina St (-4).

Florida State at Miami-FL (-12.5)

Iowa (-6) at Minnesota

Nebraska at Wisconsin (-20.5)

Oklahoma (-7.5) vs. Texas at the Cotton Bowl

California at Arizona (+2)

UTSA (+2) at Rice

Miami-Ohio at Akron (-3)

Bowling Green at Toledo (-20.5)

Wyoming (+3.5) at Hawaii

And on Friday, if you see this on time (it’s before game time by 15 minutes as I type this!)Utah State (+2.5) at BYU.

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