On hiatus – just, not for The Reason

Here at Act 2 Ministries, we’ve been (and remain!) very certain that the Rapture of the Believers in Christ as Lord and Savior of the human race is imminent, and I’ve suggested that this spring was the most likely time for it to occur.

It seems I was off. I won’t lie and tell you, “oh, I forgot to carry the three in my calculations: it’s really the NEXT three months…” But I still think all the signs are in place, and it could still come any day – or maybe not for another few months, I don’t know. The collision of signs hit in May; if it wasn’t then, then I don’t have any specific region of the calendar to fall back on.

I will tell you why I’ve not been writing recently, and it’ll tell you why I’m not thinking we’re heading Home immediately (like, in the next few weeks – but I was wrong once!).

My new wife Dana and I have been praying for a home that she and I could combine our families in for sometime now. Oddly, she and I each have the exact same layout of children from our first marriages: four boys, followed by identical twin girls! (Six each, 12 in all!) Six of those 12 are still living with us: four of mine, plus her twins. So we’ve spent weeks looking for the right five bedroom in the right town. Nothing has been available. Our prayers also have been very specific, in light of our beliefs; “IF You plan to bring us Home soon, please DON’T allow us to find a house – else we will expend our last days’ of energy on moving instead of helping in the harvest. But if You plan to “tarry”, then by all means, please show us the right house.

Our original plan was for June to begin househunting. We eloped on March 30, but apparently God never changed our calendar, because on June 1st, He shares with us the PERFECT home in the perfect location. So we’ve been preoccupied with moving over the last week and will be again this week (in fact, we will be without internet access for a few days starting today), so there’s the reason for my lack of posts over this time span.

Will Christ appear and bring His People Home?


Will it be in the near future?

We believe so, yes.

Will it be in the next few days?

We have no idea. We’re guessing no, but the signs from Daniel 11 and the rest of Scripture are all there. So be ready!

In the meantime, Lord Willing, we’ll be back on line with you within the week.

Make Christ Your Lord, Not Just Your Savior!

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