Meta-Rankings of the top 25 FBS teams

I was just doing a survey of eight different ranking systems – some from voting, some from computer analysis, one from Vegas’ oddsmakers, and our own ELO-FOLLOWING FOOTBALL system. Here’s what came out of it as of today, Thursday, October 18th, 2018:

1. Alabama (-2 ELO-FF rating) – on all charts. Unanimous top team in the land.
2. Clemson (8 rating) Third on our chart, barely second overall above…
3. Ohio State (6 rating). Followed, surprisingly, by…
4. Michigan (11 rating)
5. Georgia (12 rating)> Win the SEC and you’re still in the playoff, Dawgs.
6. Notre Dame (14 rating) – Win out, and YOU’RE in, Irish.
7. LSU (12 rating)
8. Oklahoma (10 rating) – still the highest rated Big XII team.
9. Florida (16 rating) – This surprised me a little.
10. Penn State (12 rating)
11. Washington (12 rating)
12. Texas (18 rating) – the systems see a very different team than the voters do.
13. Central Florida (17 rating) – ditto. The voters give UCF more credit than they really deserve, frankly.
14. Texas A&M (21 rating)
15. Iowa (16 rating) – but #1 when it comes to between-quarter entertainment.
16. Kentucky (22 rating)
17. Wisconsin (20 rating)
18. Oregon (22 rating) – we think they were lucky last week against UW.
19. West Virginia (19 rating)
20. No Carolina St (20 rating) – still +17 dogs to Clemson Saturday…
21. Mississippi St (17 rating) – but if they win at LSU Saturday…
22. Appalachian State (20 rating) – they deserve this spot, despite the polls.
23. Miami-FL (16 rating)
24. Utah (14 rating) – we obviously think they should be higher…
25. Michigan State (22 rating) – headed SOMEWHERE this weekend after playing UM: either up or out.

Right behind the top 25 are three Pac-12 teams (Wazzu, Stanford, and USC) and two AAC Teams (Cincy and USF), none of which would surprise me to be in YOUR top 25. It’ll be interesting after this weekend to see where the vaunted CFP committee (HALLOWED BE THEIR NAMES!) places these teams.

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