In the Information Age, the Bible is *wisdom*.

The information age provides us with a flood of data far beyond our ability to process it – I heard a statistic this morning that claims that the amount of data available to us on line doubles twice a day at this point. We are the first generation of human beings who can be said to possess external brains – it’s not necessary to memorize every piece of data we need any more, because at the push of a button or a verbal command, our ubiquitous smart phones can provide any information we need within seconds. As a teacher, it’s changed how we instruct our students: no longer do we spend time working on rote memorization of anything but the fundamentals (you still need your basic times tables, for examples, but logarhythmic tables are ancient history for engineers). Now, we teach how to use that information that we acquire so easily.

In a sense, it’s the difference between knowledge and wisdom.

The thing we must focus on, as parents – mentors – Christians – providers of any sort, is that the Holy Book is NOT just another source of data, information, knowledge. It is God’s Wisdom in written form. That cannot be stressed enough.

The Bible is not just another book. It is THE BOOK.

It is not just a source – it is THE SOURCE.

It is not just a collection of stories and morals. It is the fundamental and living Word Of God.

It is our responsibility as parents of impressionable children – as mentors of young Christians – to differentiate in the minds of those searching for meaning in their lives between the oceans of information available in the world of the flesh and the Temple river of wisdom coming from the Scripture. What that means is that we should have our own grasp of the Bible solid and stable. It means that we need to have God´s messages well in hand, so that we can share them with those we love. It means that whatever the Lord brings to our attention in prayer and reading, we need to be ready to pass along to those who lean on us for not information but KNOWLEDGE, not data but WISDOM. 

Do you feel as though you are lacking in this area? Does the thought of sharing your Biblical experience with those who don´t know God´s Word scare you?

The solution is simple: Move closer to God. 

Read your Bible. Pray, not just peremptorily, but with your Friend and Father. Seek out your OWN mentor if you have to – attend Bible Study classes, visit with your pastor. 

Because in the End, your ability to guide the young people may be the difference at the Throne for you as well. 

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