Here are the match-ups for our first week of Fantasy Team Football

… college Division 1 style!

See this post about the SBAC format, or this post about the Relegation Format, regarding the whys and wherefores of each of these games. Suffice it to say that our philosophy is that splitting up players or even units on a team is futile, since the goal is the same: win the darned game, regardless of which players get the credit. Our games are designed to level the playing fields – the SBAC splits 140 top teams into fourteen ten-team conferences, which play a round-robin conference schedule over nine weeks. THEN the fourteen winners and the top two wild cards compete in a 16-team bracket to determine the NATIONAL CHAMPION. In the Relegation format, only 36 teams compete in four nine-team brackets, a la the SBAC, with a four team CFP-style title tournament. But there are lower leagues of similar sizes as well, and the top one or two teams MOVE UP into the conference above it each year, replacing the bottom one or two teams of that conference! If Kansas is bad (obviously, we’re speaking in the past tense now!), they don’t STAY in the Power conference – they move down and get replaced by a team from the next level, just like the English Premier League does with futbol (“soccer”).

Today, we’re going to post the first week of games for each format, SBAC and Relegation. YOU DECIDE WHICH FORMAT YOUR LEAGUE WILL PLAY (or you will on your own, if you want!), how you’re going to draft teams (our suggestions are in the previous posts), and then the games play out.

A reminder: BEFORE YOU READ ON, hold your draft selection! However you choose to assign teams to your players – random draw, rotating draft, alphabetical, whatever – do that BEFORE you look at the start scores for week one.

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