Great story…

Listening to Jon Courson today (Jan 2nd, 2019)… explaining about what giving means, what tithing implies. (We give because it allows us to share of our lives, since our money represents what we’ve worked for.)

He speaks of a time when missionaries he knew of went to Africa and as they were sharing the Gospel in a service, helping the Holy Spirit convert new Believers to His Way, they started passing around the offering plate.

The usher (more likely, the missionary who was serving as usher at the moment) came to this middle-aged man who had just received the Lord, and this new Believer says, “Lower.”

The usher lowers the plate about a foot.

“Lower,” repeats the man.

Confused, he lowers it again, down to knee level.

“Lower,” he says one more time, with insistence.

The usher finally lays the plate on the ground and stands back up.

At this point, the new Believer stands up – and steps onto the plate.

What more can he possibly have given?  

What else could WE possibly give but ourselves?

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