Christian Fiction

Day 0001

The 70th anniversary of Israel's miraculous victory in the Six-Day War coincides with the creation of the first truly super-intelligent machine, or SIM. The disappearance of millions of people - children and Christians, by coincidence - in a world-wide series of earthquakes has set off a chain of events familiar to Bible scholars...but the timing is all off. Does the first SIM have anything to do with this?

Christian Fiction

A Commission From God

Andrew Cross, head of Cross Worldwide Marketing, is struck in a car crash and hovers near death. While his life hangs in the balance, he is brought to Heaven to meet with the Trinity and many of the saints and angels, where he and his company are given a commission: find out why so few people are going to Heaven when they die, and help correct that. A huge task... but he's going to get some help.

Christian Fiction

A Step Sideways:

The Universe and God in 12 Dimensions

In our newest book, our protagonist has been chosen by God to serve as His Prophet to the world, to explain that the universe described by science and the universe described by God are one and the sameIn order to do that, God takes him through twelve dimensions of reality to answer a wide range of humanity's questions - and not one of humanity's discoveries contradicts God's reality. Prepare to have your mind expanded! (No real math, I promise!)

Christian Fiction

Her Name Is Alison

Originally published by Smashworks in 2012, this beautiful love story is a tremendous tale of "what if?" wish fulfillment, and the potential tragedy of living too much in the past. This has been our most successful novel over the years - it's a short read that we think you'll love, too.

Christian Fiction

Soul Mates

A semi-biographical novel about the separation of partners - and how God gave them both a job to do on earth as prophets in the Final Days before Christ's Return! The names have been changed to protect the founders...

Christian Science-Fiction


Five separate first-person tales of fantastic adventures that slowly tie together into one diabolical threat that could destroy all of history! An amazing stylistic tour de force which unites the tales of the Wise Men visiting the birth of Christ, a medieval community "far from Kansas", a stranger on his horse in the Old West, some meddling prehistorics and their dog, and a space-faring future not so "far, far away", where a teenaged "podling" learns that his uncle is far more than he seems.

Christian Fiction

Day Eleven

A 17-day road trip for three college buddies turns into a coming-of-age story, which then turns into a mystery as they must figure out what happened on Day 11, and decide what being a Christian really means.

Christian Fiction

Stone Robertson

Gordon spent 29 years as a middle & high school band director, and this 2006 novel came from those years in the trenches. This massive story pits the advances of technology against the Christian ethics and investigative powers of a group of high school students who are determined to get to the bottom of a mysteriously rapid improvement in a rival band's performance. This book is dedicated to my father, who always wanted to write a musical on this topic with me. 


Selected Essays / Selected Stories

Here are two brand new collections of insightful posts from Act II Ministries over the past eighteen months from the previous incarnation of our site. Selected Essays is a superb collection to help you lead a friend to Christ - it starts with the short introductory essays about the need for a savior, and for Jesus in particular, and moves through the necessities for salvation and for the already saved Christian to solidify his or her sanctification. Selected Stories is a companion book of separate essay posts - some equally convicting, but many more personal, from the life of a Christian who wasn't always one.


God is Just Like Any Other Father... Except, Well, He's GOD!

What a wonderful book! This is the ultimate guide to parenting, with every piece of advice and instruction coming straight from God's Words and Actions. It's a quick and entertaining read, one that you're sure to take more away from than you'll expect to! What does God want from His Children - and what should you want from yours? How should you react to certain rebellious actions from your kids? And we address all the questions everyone asks of God - with the answers that become obvious when you think of God as a Parent! A must read!!


God, Jesus Christ, The Holy Spirit

A WIDE variety of stories, poems, lyrics, prayers and essays designed to celebrate the Trinity! This collection was published in 2014. Haikus, shape poems, acrostic psalms, visual poetry, and so much more! A great book to pick up for five minutes at a time!