Fantasy league post-season updates

,,,for the handful of you still playing in the post-season mode of our Fantasy Team Football leagues, here’s what happened this weekend: 

In the SBAC quarterfinals…

…. the four higher seeds won this week: 

#1 Alabama beat #9 Central Florida, 14 to 2.

#4 Georgia  beat #5 Notre Dame 13 to 9.

#2 Clemson defeated #7 Ohio State 20 to 6.

#6 Oklahoma  took down #14 Appalachian State 30 to 4.

So, next week’s semi-finals will match Alabama and Georgia in one game, and Clemson and Oklahoma in the other. 

And, in the Relegation League finals,…

….here are the six conference championship game results.

Conference 6) Lamar 56, Duquesne 44.

Conference 5Wofford 53, Indiana State 35.

Conference 4) North Dakota State 42, James Madison -17.

That’s what happens when you lose a game AND your head coach the same week. The top three conferences were all won by the Southeast division winners, and I’m trying to decide how coincidental that may or may not be….

Conference 3) UCF 30, Temple 16.

Conference 2Georgia Tech 18, Iowa State -26. (That was entirely ISU’s fault, not GT’s!!)

Conference 1 – the “national championship”Clemson 21, Notre Dame 0.

The only thing left to play this season is the “final four” of the SBAC leagues, and we’ll post those next week. Thanks for playing, everybody, and let us know if there are adjustments that you’d like to suggest for our next season!

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