Can they just *cancel* a bowl game?

The answer, apparently, is “YES”. The second question – “should they have canceled THIS one?” – is another matter entirely.

Today in Dallas, the “SERVPRO First Responder Bowl” football game between the Boston College Eagles and the Boise State Broncos lasted about nine-plus minutes before lightning nearby forced the game into a weather delay.

That part’s fine. Right in line with regulations to protect the participants and the audience.

 But eventually – about two hours later – the powers that be decided that it wasn’t just one storm that was coming through… It was a whole series of storms, the last of which wouldn’t clear until 1 am local time or so.


  • Weather cancels No. 23 Boise’s First Responder Bowl vs BC
  • Dec 26, 2018

DALLAS (AP) No. 23 Boise State‘s first appearance at historic Cotton Bowl Stadium turned into what is believed to be the first bowl game called off because of weather.

The SERVPRO First Responder Bowl between the Broncos and Boston College was canceled because of the threat of severe weather after a delay of nearly 1 1/2 hours Wednesday.

The game was stopped with BC leading 7-0 with 5:08 remaining in the first quarter. The delay came not long after AJ Dillon ran 19 yards for a touchdown .

The research that the various sports mags have done indicates that the only other post-season bowl game ever cancelled was the 1941 Honolulu Bowl… let’s do a little thinking here: why might they have cancelled a football game in Honolulu in Dec 1941?

I don’t think this rises to the level of an act of war.

It also occurs to me and almost everyone I’ve noticed commenting that there’s a domed stadium not 30 minutes away that’s prepped for bowl games – couldn’t they find a time to borrow that field for a few hours on an empty day?

You didn’t exactly have a record crowd there – my guess was a few thousand at best – but they probably came for the most part from either Boise or Boston, which isn’t a short trip for either. And the players, coaches, and everyone else connected with the teams gave up their Christmases with their families to come to your bowl game. They deserve to play a game, even if it isn’t televised by ESPN on one of their fourteen channels. Heck, find one of those luxurious high school stadiums in Allen or Frisco or Katy or wherever, after the storms have cleared tomorrow or Friday, and play the game – I guarantee there aren’t 12,000 fans who’ll show up, and those stadii will hold that many with ease.

“It’s an exhibition game”… “nobody really cares anyway”… “there weren’t very many people there, so it’s not worth it to them”… “hey, this way neither team loses!”

In the end, aren’t they ALL just for fun?… I guarantee everyone who was there cared… They paid for airfare, housing, food, tickets to see their favorite team play a bowl game! I guarantee it matters to them… Boise lost its chance at keeping its 11-win season streak alive; Steve Addazio lost his chance to finally bust through the seven-win-season mark after five years of that ceiling.

If Florida State and Nebraska and Virginia Tech are out scheduling weird make-up games to get to six wins so they can get to a “meaningless bowl game”, I guarantee that it matters to these teams that they actually get to PLAY the furshlinging game.

Do something.

PS – By the way, this rant has nothing to do with the fact that I was going against the grain and picking BC to win this game, mostly because of the similarities between this game and the 2005 bowl game on the blue turf before BSU was *BOISE STATE*. The Broncos came in down because the season hadn’t gone as well as it was expected to, and Boston College came into town and beat the Broncos six ways to Sunday; it was the only home loss of the decade to a non-conference foe, I think, and they had to amend those gloats to “regular season” because of it. It just felt like that to me, and the first nine minutes looked like it was going exactly that way again. I never bet money, but I did have the game in some “bowl mania” pools, and was relying on it to push past some other players. So much for that…

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