Are you on the WRONG SIDE of History?

Let´s make this even clearer: Are you on the wrong side of His Story?

Biblical scholar Reza Aslan, author of God: A Human History (which I don´t entirely agree with, by the way), makes a case that the followers of the current president are not so much a political movement as a religious cult. He starts with the amazing stat that 81% of white evangelicals voted for Mr. Trump, more even than the percentage which voted for proven Christians like either of the Bush presidencies (or Mr. Clinton or Mr. Obama, both of whom are proven Christians as well). It´s interesting to note that it´s not specifically an evangelical thing, because 69% of non-white evangelicals voted for Mr. Trump´s opponent, Mrs. Clinton. So there is a racism element there. Another factor is the fact that there was a smear campaign against both Mrs. Clinton and the previous Democratic nominee, two-term President Obama, which was aimed to persuade specifically those people – the rural white evangelicalsAnd the most critical point, one that I think was the most important in the support of those people for a man who clearly defines the exact OPPOSITE of what a follower of Christ should be, is that Mr. Trump promised those people the political power they felt they´ve been gradually denied as the nation has moved away from being wholly Christian to being the multi-cultural melting pot it has become. They got their Supreme Court justice, they are being allowed to become politically active officially AS churches, and so forth. I disagree. by the way, with Mr. Aslan´s thought that the intent was to get the uber-Christian Mike Pence into the presidency – they felt this support for Donald Trump long before his VP was chosen.

And the result is exactly what Mr. Trump had claimed back in early 2016: he could shoot someone on Fifth Avenue and not lose a single vote. (If you want to interpret that as ¨kill a tenant in my building on Fifth Avenue¨, then it´s already happened.) That is the trait of a cult leader, not a political leader. Are his core followers that committed to him that they would follow him despite a mountain of evidence which is destined to tear him from office sometime in the next year or so?

Yes. I think they are. 

The question is not even ¨why?¨ The question is, ¨what will that mean when push comes to shove?¨

I have previously told you what it seems to me the role of Donald Trump is in God´s plan for the world. No, he is not the Anti-Christ. But he has a role in the End Times. It seems very clear that the election of 2016 was slanted in such a way that, however impossibly, a racist misogynist like Trump could be elected President of the ¨greatest nation on earth¨. The Republicans put half-a-score of weak candidates up to divide the anti-Trump vote, and their minds have been clouded enough to prevent them from stopping his candidacy from winning the primary phase. And then the Democrats put up a generic, non-dynamic, easily attacked candidate (who despite all that was still able to win the popular vote), the third parties put up terribly flawed candidates that failed to challenge. and the Republicans fell in line behind their racist, misogynist, anti-Christian candidate and got him elected (with a little bit of Russian help for good measure). 

For what purpose? It took me a while, but it became clear about a year ago when 45 declared unilaterally that we were moving the US embassy to Israel from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. And then his behavior made sense: Trump´s job is to alienate our nation to the rest of the world, so that when the Rapture comes, and the Anti-Christ arises to unite the world (he will rise from Europe, by the way, NOT America!), he will unite the world AGAINST US! Trump has made us an easy target for any foreign leader looking for a way to bring the rest of the world together. America is not a complete laughing stock – we are still the possessors of the largest military, the largest weaponry, and the largest nuclear arsenal.  So he has made us the country that every other nation not only thinks poorly of, but is scared of as well (can you say with confidence that if some country were to tick our president off, he wouldn´t try to push the red button?)

Here is what I think will happen: sometime in the next two months or so, Christ will rapture the true Believers and bring us home. (You can be sure that Mr. Trump and his worshipers will still be here.) Then the Anti-Christ will somehow explain away the hundreds of millions of people who have magically disappeared (and personally, I cannot WAIT to see what it is he does to make people believe it was NOT the Rapture! It seems impossible to me, but the devil has had centuries to prepare for this event!). After that, he will unite the remaining world powers against the United States – perhaps it will be perceived as America´s fault that every believer disappeared? – and seize world leadership, at least unofficially. 

Once that has happened, and Trump has fulfilled his Godly purpose, I fully expect him to be removed from power by some combination of Mueller´s special counsel investigation and the world´s attack on him and us over the Rapture. Whether that results in civil war or not, I don´t know. (I´ll be long gone, so I don´t know that I care that much.) But it´s very possible that it will. Mr. Trump has a cult following that gave up their Christian beliefs to follow him. The remainder of people who will remain against him won´t be true Christians, but they will be pro-justice, anti-Trump, and zealous in their commitment to remove a criminal from office. 

It could get ugly.

And if you want to avoid that ugliness, and far worse once the Great Tribulation really kicks in, there´s only one way to do so. Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ, follow Him, obey His teaching as proof that you ARE His disciple, and you WILL be saved.

And if you aren´t sure if I´m right about the Rapture coming soon? Commit yourself FULLY to the Lord for the next two monthsIf we reach the end of June and we haven´t been raptured, we´ll send you your money back and you can believe what you want!

We aren´t far away. The pieces are all in place. 

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