Acrostic Psalm One

After the storms have ravaged all our lives,

But before we can see the rainbow on the other side.

Christ will come into our life and help as we try to

Deal with the problems that this world makes us cry to.

Everything that happens, everything that occurs,

From tragedy to comedy, every song and every word.

Glorifies His Name, and elevates His Grace

His Majesty, His Honor, and His Glorious Face.

In less time than you imagine, your sorrows will move on,

Just hold on to Jesus; soon your worries will be gone.

King of all Kings, this we know Christ to be.

Lord of all Lords… and yet we all see…

Mighty Christ is also our confidant and friend;

No earthly king of any realm, his ear would he extend.

O Father in Heaven above, thank You for Your Son.

Plus Your Holy Spirit, for all Three of You are One.

Quietly, I worship You, for Your Sermon on the Mount

Revealed that a posturing prayer basically doesn’t count.

So in privacy, I thank You, and praise You, and pray

That tomorrow will be better: a brighter, happier day.

Understanding what happens to the least of Your elect

Verifies Your Glory, and earns You our respect.

When my time is over on the earth, before this body dies,

X-ray my pulsing chest, and know where my heart lies.

You are my Alpha, my Omega, my Creator and my All:

Zealously I will wait for Your trumpets to call.

– gordon paul smith

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